Top Free AI Certification Courses

Unleash your potential with the top free AI certification courses that will take your skills to the next level.

AI Classes for Beginners

One popular option is the **TensorFlow** for Deep Learning course on Udacity, taught by industry expert **Andrew Ng**. This course covers the basics of neural networks and deep learning, perfect for beginners looking to get into the field of AI.

Another great course is the Introduction to **Artificial Neural Networks** and Deep Learning on Coursera, which covers topics like **data science** and **machine learning**.

If you’re interested in AI for **software development** or **cloud computing**, these courses are a great starting point.

Whether you’re looking to get into **data analysis** or **computer vision**, these free AI certification courses offer a solid foundation in AI concepts and technologies.

Check out these courses to kickstart your AI journey and gain valuable skills in this rapidly growing field.

University Online AI Programs

University Program Name Link
Stanford University AI For Everyone Link
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Introduction to Deep Learning Link
University of California, Berkeley Artificial Intelligence: Principles and Techniques Link
Harvard University CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python Link

AI Certification Options

If you’re looking to obtain an AI certification without breaking the bank, consider these top free options available online. **Andrew Ng’s** Machine Learning course on Coursera is a popular choice, covering the fundamentals of **neural networks** and **deep learning**. TensorFlow also offers a free course on Udacity, focusing on practical applications in **AI** development.

For those interested in **data science**, a free AI course from IBM on Coursera provides in-depth knowledge on **data analysis** and **machine learning** techniques. Another option is the free **Artificial Intelligence** course from Columbia University on edX, which covers topics such as **natural language processing** and **computer vision**.

If you’re more interested in **software development**, Google’s Machine Learning Crash Course is a great option, teaching the basics of **AI** and **machine learning** in a practical way.