networker, auto-switching disabled

Thank you for your reply. Below are the steps I have followed so far.

1. I tried to ask the changer to record jukebox parts, but I didn’t get anything.

2. When I didn’t have a message jukebox, I looked on the web server to see what devices usually connect to it using dmesg and found nothing.

We should see 2 connected devices that the server can, but didn’t find anything.

So my wife and I asked the data center manager to look at a certain jukebox and prior to that we had that server down and the data site manager turned off the selection and removed all power and main cables including fiber channel and mapped them. increased them again after a while.

Now the library simulates and moves cartridges, and most of them are some kind of bug project with the inscription: “Drive log out FB 00”

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I keep getting this particular “Library is disabled” error. I run the library and get the again the next time I open the functions console. Now I check a bit when a problem occurs, but I’m just wondering if a man or a woman has ever experienced this and understands that there is a possible solution.



[quote]I keep getting the “Library is disabled” error. I activate the new library, then get the error again the next time I open the game console admin. I’ll run some tests soon to see when the problem occurs, but I’m just wondering if anyone has experienced this before and knows the correct solution.



What do activity reports say?

[quote]I keep getting this “library is disabled” error. I activate the library and at some point your current error will return when next time I have bthe control console will be at hand. I’m currently doing some testing to see when you run into this issue, but has anyone else had this issue before I started and knows possible solutions.[/quote]

I really feel like I’ve solved the problem. This happened after a server shutdown, I don’t know if this will affect the library for sure. Instead of right-clicking the bookstore and selecting “Enable/Disable”, I opened its properties and clicked the “Enable Ads” button. I restarted the site a few times to see if auto editing was disabled. I’m running backups now to fully test them.

07/01/2010 at 9:46 tkutil wrote:

[quote]I keep getting the “Library is often disabled” error. I enable the library and get its error again the next time I open the admin console. Now I buy tests to see when this problem occurs, but only you are the one who has experienced this problem and knows a possible solution.


Check the log files on each computer that uses your library the most.

via RSS only at


Can you provide more information what OS is at home? What to do – the model is literally this


Also, have you tried searching until a specific SCSI ID matches? This

Storage node and backup server itself?

Detailed information will certainly be useful.

On Thursday, January 7, New Year’s Eve at 8:16 pm, tkutil wrote>:

[quote]I keep getting this single “Library is disabled” error. Activate it

Auto changer, then in the selected location, I get the error again when I open it next time

control controller or console. I’m running some tests starting today to see when this issue occurs.

happens, sorry if asking if anyone has experienced this and knows about

possible fixes.

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