40 ways to fix your computer before calling a specialist

How to clean up a computer and fix problems for free?

If you’re motivated to clean Bashtuts computer further, troubleshoot for free, start by restarting your computer. If you want to remove adware from Windows, go to Control Panel and click “Remove all programs”.

If your website knows what a USB printer looks like, chances are friends and family will keep calling you “IT pro” when the computer crashes or the drive mysteriously disappears.

The following are some of the most usefulAnswers I gathered after years of PC troubleshooting and frustration over the number of toolbars installed by unsuspecting retirees. And in no case, I will not come just to “look.” Work through all the many first…

General Questions

1. Be Smarter Google
Google can be a great help when it comes to specific error codes and highly detailed problems. It’s less useful for simple “My computer is slow” questions. Include as much detail as possible by putting a “+” in front of the keywords you need to match and a “-” in front of the negative keywords.

2.System Restore
Windows’s built-in restore function undoes recent changes to your computer’s registry, hardware, and software without affecting your personal files and vacation photos. This is a good place to start if something went wrong not too long ago. You can find System Restore through the Control Panel.

3. Safe Mode
Press F8 during boot to enter the root menu. Choose securityClear mode to get a special slim version that references Windows, minimizes drivers and background software, and looks like 1995. Safe Mode can be used to uninstall programs or devices, or perform repairs when you cannot interact normally with Windows.

4. Overheating
If your computer keeps crashing at random times – in other words, no software or hardware is running this tool – your laptop may be overheating. Invest in a different fan or laptop with a cooler if you think that might be the culprit.

5. On-Demand Scanning
A whole system of problems caused by origins and spyware, poor performance when you want inexplicable reboots. It goes without saying that you should keep your antivirus and antispyware tools up to date, but you can check out the on-demand scanner for a different opinion – Spybot Search & Destroy and Microsoft’s Custom Security Scanner< /a> – two good devices that will not interfere withour current home sales security tools.

6. Background noise
Poor performance, which can degrade over time, can be caused by more and more programs remembering to run in the background. Open Task Manager (right click on the taskbar) and see what is actually using RAM and CPU time on your PC. are.

7.Selective startup
If you find unnecessary items in the task manager, they may start normally in Windows. Look for some startup folder in the startup range to remove anything that customers don’t really want. For more control over the Windows startup process, type “msconfig” directly into the Start menu search box while holding down the Enter key. In the next dialog box, you can make detailed changes to determine which services and tools can start automatically at the same time that the system is running. .

8. Restoring Files
When Windows deletes a file, the ones and zeros are not used, it just removes references to them, andThen saves the space as a . If you haven’t overwritten the file with something else, you might be able to recover it –
Recuva is simply one of the best and easiest free tools for the task.

9. Windows won’t start
Windows has several system recovery options (in addition to safe mode) that you can use if you think the operating system won’t start. During boot, press F8 and select “Last Known Configuration” to return to the settings that were present when Windows was last booted. Another trick your family can try is to turn off all unnecessary devices. Sometimes a misconfigured device causes the initial process to fail.

10.Motherboard Sounds
If your current PC has come this far and is definitely moving forward, and you find it calling you and shutting down before Windows even starts disabling boot, the hard task is at a lower level . Motherboards will tell you what’s wrong by the number of beeps – take a look at the manualuser to find out what they mean, and look for a digital copy on the manufacturer’s website.

11. No power.
If our PC or laptop won’t boot at all, it’s either due to a power failure, or the power cord is faulty, or the power supply/battery is faulty. First, see if you can find an inexpensive replacement cable or battery, since replacing the power adapter will cost more.

12. Forums
If you want to go online, find official support from a snowboard developer or manufacturer before going to Google. You may find a specific action plan or advice from other Internet users. For smaller free programs, you can even find materials from our own developer.

How to use Linux to fix windows?

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to use Linux to improve Windows is to try and recover a forgotten password – all you have to do is launch it and run a few appropriate commands and that password will be reset.