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work provides a kind of file server for sharing clinic files between multiple user accounts. Some users are reporting a serious issue that they are facing. On some, you see exactly the error message “Error 0x8007017C, the cloud operation is in fact invalid.” This problem usually occurs when your system needs to disable the file system on demand. Just stick to these simple solutions to fix the problem quickly.

Solution 1 – Disable File Access On Demand

2. Then just type “control” in the terminal and press Enter.

3. After the phone control panel is displayed, click the drop-down menu, you always click “View by:”.

4. Then click “Customers” to select the “Small Icons” option.

5. Then click “working folder” to access it.

This may disable the on-demand file sharing offer. This may solve the problem.

1. You need to open Local Group Policy Settings. ZaarhivirStart the Geek Dossier kernel with the ‘R’ key.

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Work Folders

4. On the specific right side, double-click Set Working Folders Settings to change them.

5. However, click on the toggle, you have the “Enabled” option.

6. Next, look at organizing file access on demand. Click on the radio and click on “Disable” in each drop-down menu.

7. Finally, click “Apply” next to “OK” to save the settings.

Close the Local Group Policy Editor Preferences. This should disable file access on demand on your computer.

Solution 2 – Uninstall Windows Update

You may have seen this error message after the function received a Windows update.

1. First, right-click the Windows icon and select Run.

3. When the Programs and Features window opens, click View nested updates.

4. After that, just scroll down to see which is the latest list update I would say. l.

5.Once you find it, always right-click it and select Delete.

This will remove the update from your computer. Restart your computer.

If you need to install the latest update, you can indeed do so with the media creation tool.

4. After the download is complete, navigate to the Lodge location.

7. Click the “Upgrade this PC now” radio button.

This will download the latest version of Windows to search for and install on your computer.

Fix It, Or Maybe – Install Patches

Microsoft Windows has recently acknowledged the issue and released a number of fixes to fix it.

1. First, you must be clear about which version of Windows 10 you are most likely to use.

5.Next, you need to select the specific option “OS Build Information”.

After checking the version of Windows you are using, close the settings screen.

8. Now click on these links according to your type of Windows.

Windows 10 Application 2004 or 20H2: 24. February 2021—KB4601382 (OS Builds 19041.844 and19042.844), pre-release

9. Then scroll down the page and click “Microsoft Update Catalog”.

11. Depending on your console type (x64 bit or x32), click Download to download the appropriate package for your system.

Follow the on-screen instructions to install the update on your computer. Your computer will restart and complete the installation process.

Open working folders and check. This should definitely solve the problem.

Sambit becomes a mechanic, a skilled engineer who enjoys writing about Windows 10 and finding solutions to the weirdest problems.

Published By Timothy Tibbets On 27.04.2020

Hidden files and versions

You may have noticed that on a Windows 10 machine there is a certain hidden folder named $WinREAgent. What is the whole $Winreagent folder for and can it be deleted?

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As far as we can tell, $WinREAgent has no files and is of the size9 bytes.

$WinREAgent also has a useful subdirectory called That Scratch which contains almost no files and is 0 bytes in size.

What is the $WinREAgent folder? The $WinREAgent folder is created during a particular Windows Update or Update and contains non-permanent files that can be used to restore Windows 10 if you experience problems during the update or update.


Can I delete a folder? Short product $winregent – yes; You can delete the $WinREAgent main folder.

Before removing the $WinREAgent directory, we check for and install any pending Windows updates.

Conversely, deleting the new $WinREAgent folder can resolve issues where Windows Update is not working.

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