Troubleshooting Steps How to Fix Windows Firewall Error 0x6d9

Open the start menu, type cmd, right-click the first result and select “Run as administrator”.
Then enter the following commands one by one:
netsh advfirewall reset net start mpsdrv website start mpssvc net start bfe regsvr32 Firewallapi.dll Reset Windows Firewall.

Open the start menu at the top, expand cmd, right-click the first result and select Run as administrator.
Then change the following commands one at a time:
netsh advfirewall reset net start with mpsdrv net start mpssvc net start bfe regsvr32 Firewallapi.dll Windows firewall reset.

Click Start, click Control Panel.
Click on “Security Center” and see if the firewall is on in standby mode.
If the firewall status is OFF, be sure to click Windows Firewall in the left pane and configure the settings.

Click “Start”, go to “Control Panel”.
Click “Security Center” and check if the firewall status is enabled.
If the firewall status is DISABLED, place Windows Firewall in the left pane associated with the window and configure these settings.


Internet access has become a new important part of our daily lives. In addition, we want our online workouts to remain safe and secure, including viruses and malware. Therefore, it is recommended for PC users to install reliable software such as Auslogics Anti-Malware, which thanks to it can provide us with the necessary protection.

However, it usually happens that users encounter misunderstandings when installing security software. An example of this is 0x6d9, an error that can prevent you from accessing the Internet.

What Is Error 0x6d9 On Windows?

How do I fix Windows Firewall error code 0x6D9?

Click Start, click Control Panel.
Click on Security Center and make sure the status isFirewall is enabled.
If firewall detection is disabled, click Windows Firewall in the left pane of the window to configure settings.

Users experiencing error 6d9 report that their Windows Firewall wouldl is indeed inadvertently disabled during installation of the security software. However, they complain about the lack of access to the Internet. If you’re experiencing this particular issue, your system’s operation should most likely provide an APIPA IP address. You will see an error message like this:

“An error occurred while opening the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security snap-in. Failed to load the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security snap-in. Restart the Windows Firewall service on the computer where you are currently an administrator, error 0x6D9.

Don’t be nervous when you see this message. In this article, we are going to teach a person how to fix windows firewall error 0x6d9 to fix Windows Firewall error 0x6d9. In no time, you will be able to access the Internet and use all the features that your security software points to.

Of course, the first solution to this problem is to uninstall your antivirus and antivirus software. On the other hand, there are complaints when this step fails.clears the error completely. Therefore, you may have to resort to the additional options listed below.

Method 1: Perform A System Restore On Your Computer

After uninstalling the security software, you can perform a system restore. This allows clients to revert to most system settings before the error is resolved. Follow these steps:

  1. Press the search icon.
  2. Type “system restore” (without quotes).
  3. Be sure to click the System Restore button under System Restore.
  4. Click Apply, then return to OK.

After following these steps, check if the problem is resolved as soon as possible.

Method 2: Check The Status Of The Following Services Usually

If you notice that Windows System Restore did not fix error 0x6d9 much, the solution is to check our own Windows services below:

  • Windows Firewall
  • Basic Filtering Engine (BFE)
  • Windows Firewall Authorization Driver (MPSDRV)
    1. Be sure to press the Windows key + R. This is to You can open the Run dialog box.
    2. Type “services.msc” (without quotes) and press Enter.
    3. When you open the Services Manager window, find the above services and see if their status is set to Started.

    Method 3: Reset Windows Firewall

    How do you fix Windows Firewall Cannot start?

    Restart the firewall service.
    Do some serious registry tweak.
    Run a dedicated downloadable troubleshooter.
    Do not hesitate to reset your firewall settings.
    Use Command Prompt to force the rebuild of Windows Firewall.
    Remove the latest security updates.
    Use third party antivirus software.

    Most of them are due to the time of users who were looking for the right way to fix Windows Firewall error 0x6d9 by following this method and were able to solve the problem. You can easily reset Windows Firewall from Control Panel or Elevated Command Prompt. This allows services to start when the firewall .dll file is re-registered. Here are the steps:

    1. Press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog.
    2. Type “cmd” (without quotes) and press Enter to open a command prompt.
    3. When the command line is active, run the following commands one after the other:

  • netsh advfirewall reset
  • clean start mpsdrv
  • net configure mpssvc
  • clean start
  • regsvr32 firewallapi.dll
  • Check if this draft solved the problem. If not, see the next fix.

    Method 4: Reset All Micr Permissionsosoft Protection

    This setting affects the Windows Registry, a confidential database. Incorrect editing of the registry can damage the mp3, which will lead to big complications. to your computer. Therefore, before following the steps below, be sure to back up your PC.

    Follow The Instructions:

    1. To do this, press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box.
    2. Type “regedit” (without quotes) and press Enter.
    3. Go to the registry above and even look for the “Enter product names to select” field
    4. In the column, enter “NT SERVICE\mpssvc” (without quotes). Click Check Name, then click OK.
    5. Add permissions to your harmonization keys.

    How do I fix Windows Firewall error code 0x8007042c?

    Step 1. Try turning on Windows Firewall manually. The first component you should do is experiment with Windows Firewall, turn it on, and make sure aboutIt is automatically converted to Outlook.
    Step 2. Scan and remove malware from your computer.
    Step 3: start the association services.

    As we warned you, updating your registry cleaner can be problematic. Luckily, you can use a dedicated one-click solution like Auslogics Registry Cleaner to fix this problem. With this package, you can easily repair corrupted and even corrupted registry files.

    Tell us what you fixed in the tips below!

    How do you fix there was an error opening Windows Firewall with Advanced Security snap in?

    1] Perform any system restore.
    2] Check the status associated with these Windows services.
    3] Reset Windows Firewall.
    6] Reset the Microsoft protection service permissions.

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    How do I fix error 0x8007042c?

    Click “Start” and then type “services” in the search box.
    Right click on Services.
    Scroll down until you see Windows Firewall and then double click Windows Firewall.
    Click the Startup type field and, if necessary, select Automatic.
    If the service status is stopped, just start.
    Click Apply, then click OK.

    How do you fix Windows Defender Firewall is using settings that may make your device unsafe?

    Restart the Windows Firewall service. Locate Windows Defender Firewall and right-click on the entry.
    Change the firewall permissions. Open Windows search and even type firewall.
    Reset your firewall settings to default values. If this option didn’t work, try resetting your firewall to display the command line:
    Restore security updates.

    How do I fix firewall errors?

    Open the control panel.
    Click System and Security.
    Click Windows Firewall.
    In the left pane, find the “Restore Defaults” link.
    Click the Restore Default Settings button.
    Click Yes to confirm.